zondag 21 november 2010

Game Hen with thyme&mashed potato #75

After an hard week with a lot of bad news,it was time to get a little of our life back.This rollercoaster won't stop in the next few years...Thank god the weather was great to do some outdoor cooking,so we got our selfs a nice "pure" pork tenderloin on friday,with some salad and a cranberry sauce Of course from the grill.

On saturday we've got some stuffed paprika's with meat,cheese and rice...also from the grill very easy, quick and easy to make too,and the kids love them.

On sunday we had the perfect combination of "game hen" stuffed with lemon,pepper,onion,thyme and garlic.Then marinated in a bag with soy,5 species and honey, for a few hours..Time to heat up the Weber again;-) for indirect cooking,place the game hen on the indirect side of the grill and leave it for 2 hours in the kettle,we made a mashed potato and some veggies with it.I had zucchini ,eggplant and thyme.The veggies were marinated with balsamico for a tryout.It has a nice flavour but the next time i'll do it on the "normal" way.
We enjoyed it with a lot of wine and trying to forget the rest of the week..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Pap!!! WEEEEEEER lekker gegeten. Maarja wel steeds hetzelfde XD

  2. The food all looks good, but more importantly, I hope everything settles out for you, my friend.