vrijdag 16 april 2010

Tomato bread with chicken #10

This was an experimental thing,i want to make some bread with chicken on the Q.
It taste sweet !!!

Take 500 gr chickenbreast and marinade it with the one you like,(i love marinade with soy,honey,chinese 5 spices and thyme)
The next step is to make the dough,and start up your Weber.Keep in mind that you do some direct and indirect grilling.(I used one side of the Q for direct grilling)

I stuffed the bread with chicken,cheddar,green pepper and (choice) pineapple.One of the kids don't like pineapple.

Grill the chickenbreast direct and after that slice the chicken,and stuff it with the ones you like and close the bread.

The following step is to put the stuffed bread on the Q on de indirect side about 180 degrees for 20min.
You can also grill the pineapple direct and serve separately.

We have some fresh salad with cucumber,tomato,croutons and balsamico dressing.

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