zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Winter BBQ tenderloin #89

Two Weber's, -5 degrees,good friends,fireplace,wine. and a nice piece of tenderloin.served with BBQ fries and a fennel salad.
There was no soccer today,so I had all the time to prepare all the goods.
The tenderloin was rose/medium with only salt & pepper to taste on a hot grate for 2 minutes each side.
For the fennel you use the wok on the grill. We grilled it with some balsamic and minced bacon..keep it warm in the stove.
On the other Weber we grilled the big bbq fries. But first Precook the potato's for about 5 minutes.Make quarters of the potato's and put them in a large bowl with olive oil,onion garlic rosemary,fresh pepper and salt to taste.then grill them direct on the grate for about 5 minutes each site.On the other grill we had the tenderloin's just added with salt & pepper to taste.Grill them on high fire for about 2 minutes each side for a rose tenderloin...they were awesome,just as the potato's and fennel..
For desert we had a mango ice cream and a after eight ice cream from a recipe from Nigella Lawson
(I changed the pomegranate for mango and after eight)....It was fabulous..Use 1 mango,blend it add sugar ,500Ml double cream and 175gr icing sugar,(Use 250 Ml for the mango and 250 Ml for the after eight) put it on a fridge for 4 hours...
We had a very enjoyable evening with a lot of wine (Valpolicella Campagnola)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. -5?????? Holy smokes Marc, you are hardcore!

  2. Hai Chris -5 is just nice....last christmas -15 that's hardcore LoL.What's the temperature at your place?

  3. Looks excellent Marc! Great way to spend the evening too. :)
    Wish I could find fresh fennel here. I would love to try it.

  4. Cowgirl send me the fresh Jalapenos, in exchange for the fresh fennel...LoL