zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Pulled pork #85

Pulled pork,slow cooking,2Kg fine Boston butt,rub,mop sauce,grill,cherry wood and 8 hours time, This is basically what you need for a very nice sandwich.
Start to marinate the butt whit a rub you like,I used the one with chili,paprika,sea salt,brown sugar and a little bit Bacardi Rum.
Massage the butt with it and leave it for a few hours in the fridge.
In the meantime prepare the grill for indirect grilling and prepare the mop sauce.We had the tomato ketchup with chili, rum and brown sugar.
Make sure the heat is around 120 degrees.Put the "butt" on the grate.Turn the 'butt" every hour,and add some cherry wood at the same time.After 6 hours mop every hour..The bark is getting very dark,don't worry... it's normal.
If you reach the core temperature of 90-95 degrees,you can take him of the grate and wrap him in alufoil. Put the beans in a cast iron skillet and bake the beans on the grill.
Now sit back relax and enjoy your sandwich with this superb pulled pork...don't forget the wine;-)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. WOW! This looks WONDERFUL! I have NEVER been able to do pulled pork! I tried once and it turned out all wrong. I will have to try your way!

  2. Looks and sounds excellent Marc! Nice.... :)

  3. @ Design Wine and Dine you have to try it slow slow slow..

    @cowgirl thanks....It's great to smoke some meat!!

  4. Your pork butt looks great! I've got one going on the smoker in the morning.