woensdag 5 januari 2011

Brussels-sprouts guest blog

Last week I was asked by Rebbeca from Chow and Chatter to write a guest blog with a typical "Dutch" recipe.

In the Netherlands we eat a lot of potatoʼs with all kind of vegetables, like
fennel,cauliflower,leek and off course Brussels-sprouts.

Now this is a typical “Dutch” healthy dish.Itʼs full of vitamins.

I made a nice stew of the Brussels-sprouts with potato and bacon.

Ingredients for 4 persons.

500 gr Brussels-sprouts
500 gr potatoʼs
250 gr bacon
1 tsp nut meg
sea salt to taste

Cut off the end of the sprouts,and peel off the brown leafʼs and rins them in clear
Peel the potatoʼs and cut them in 2 parts.
Cook the potatoʼs with a pinch of sea salt.
Do the same with the sprouts.
Make sure that you cook the sprouts not too long....if you do, the sprouts are gonna
smell awefull (sulfurous odor).(Thatʼs why children mostly not like sprouts)
In the meanwhile bake the bacon.
Put everything together in a large bowl and mix well...


With special thanks to Rebbeca for asking...
Please visit her site as well.Chow and Chatter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. SO Funny! I just picjed up some brussels sprouts yesterday! I had a few ideas for them but I have't had them in years and used to not like them! This recipe looks great Marc!

  2. Wow that looks so good Marc, I love brussel sprouts. Thank you for posting the recipe!