donderdag 29 juli 2010

Holiday grilling #43

Back in town, back from France... we had a great holiday (without internet) but with good weather and lots of food and wine. Of course we did a lot of fun things with the kids,like kite flying and fishing. Seen some beautiful castles in Carcassonne and lots more..But now back to the grill...
The only thing i had to grill with was the Thai table grill, it was really too small for 4 persons,but we've got all the time...and no watch ;-) The ecobrasa charcoals take a longer time to heat up in the high mountains (3000 mtr), but as i say we got all the time..
I grilled a few easy things on the Thai grill like stuffed hotdogs and stuffed chicken brest.The hotdogs were stuffed with jalapenos and cheese.The chicken brest was stuffed with jalapenos,mushrooms,paprika and cheese.

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