vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Pikeperch on cedar #39

Yesterday my son's girlfriend gave me a call, I have a surprise for you??... Ok she's 12, i thought Surprise... at almost 23:00 !!! So i told her to come over,no problem ( i was still awake,enjoy the good weather) 5 min.later she arrived, with a big fish ( a pikeperch) catched by herself and filleted as well. The pikeperch was around 1,5 kg i guess.
What a great fish, 1 part i had on the cedar plank with some sea salt, pepper,tomato,lemon and dill.
For the other part i used a drip pan put the fish in it with some veggies.I used 1 zucchini in cubes, 200gr small mushrooms.
For the dill cream sauce you need 250ml cream,250 ml white wine,2 cloves garlic,1 cup fresh dill and pepper and salt to taste.
You can cook the wine with the cream,and put it on the fish in the drip pan.In the meanwhile you can bake the zucchini and mushroom in a veggie basket on the grill,and add it to the fish and the sauce,do some cheese on top to gratin.Put it bacck on the grill (indirect) for about 30 min.It was great !!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. that looks yummy!which one is your favorite?

  2. Hi Hanneke,thanks for comment...the Plank is my favorite... for the kids too.

  3. Marc! This looks great! May we post it on our website?