zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Oldskool Hamburgers #40

It was a rainy,hot and busy saturday.Squash with the youngest, a tournament, his first one, and ended up as 13th....Not bad for the first time. Prepared a Skateboard deck for the oldest one,with grip-tape and trucks.A fun job to do.After that we heated up the Weber for some oldskool hamburgers,with some maple chipotle sauce to glaze them,and a salad,simple but great (in the rain).

The minced meat was prepared with 2 cloves garlic , 1 onion cubed, bread-crum,1 egg ,1 Spanish pepper and some tabasco.
On top i used the maple chipotle sauce to glaze theme, when they are done you can put some cheddar on top.

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