zondag 9 oktober 2011

Pumpkin spiced latte (syrup) #142

We can't get pumpkin spice here in the Netherlands,So I decide to make it myself.
If we have pumpkins,then we have also pumpkin cake.
The youngest made the cake,the oldest wrote the text on the pumpkin, and I carved it.
What else you got to do on a rainy day.
Ok lets go, its so easy,The only things you need are,3Tbsp pumpkin puree,1,5 cup water,1,5 cup sugar,1tsp ground nutmeg,1tsp ground gloves,1tsp ginger and 4 cinnamon sticks.
Heat up the water and dissolve the sugar.Whisk the other ingredients together with the sugar water and stir. Just let it under the boiling point for about 15 minutes.Get it in a bottle with a strainer.
For the pumpkin spiced latte you need: 1 shot espresso,1Tbsp syrup.
Add hot milk and serve with whipped cream on top.

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