zondag 9 oktober 2011

Livar pork #143

Last week I bought a Livar Pig (pork).
It is a pig wich had a good life with the monk's.
We had a Boston butt from almost 3Kg.
I cut off 2 pieces for a steak and saved the rest for pulled pork.
The steaks were marinated with a basic bbq rub.
50gr brown sugar,1Tbsp chili powder 1Tbsp garlic powder 1Tbsp onion powder 1Tbsp paprika powder 2Tbsp sea salt and 3 Tbsp black pepper (Ground)
Put the steaks on high heat for a few minutes each side and serve with a basic bbq sauce.
250Ml ketchup 30cl apple cider 1Tbsp tabasco 3Tbsp brown sugar 2Tbsp Dyon mustard 2Tbsp Syrup 1Tbsp basic bbq rub.
Heat up all the ingredients in a skillet and stir until you've got a nice dark brown sauce.
You can save the sauce in a can in the fridge.

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