zaterdag 9 april 2011

Cedar plank pork tenderloin #108

After doing some decoration in the porch, the soccer of the kids and doing some quality time with my wife,it was time to do some grilling.
Last week I received the "Cedar planks" from Outdoor Gourmet (thanks Grillgrrl)
I had some nice plans for the planks..First the pork tenderloin, I've seen a beautiful glaze at Mike's site "AnotherPintPls" the maple glaze...It was awesome!!..
The balance between cedar and the maple was perfect..Nothing was over-powerd..
The glaze:6Tbsp maple syrup,3Tbsp apple cider vinegar,mustard to taste and a Cedar plank from the "Outdoor Gourmet"
Soak the plank a few hours in water.For the tenderloin I used only a little salt and pepper to taste and the glaze off course.
Put the Tenderloin on the plank and get the plank on the grill over medium heat 300-350 F, with the lid closed for about 20 min.After 15.min bring on the glaze.The core temp.was 71┬║C
Serve with some home made Fries and a salad....Don't forget the wine,We had a nice Valpolicello superieur red....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice. What a wonderful time of year, to fire up the grill. The wood planks are a great way to add a subtle wood flavor to meat.


  2. Thanks Velva, the plank is an awesome flavor....

  3. Looks great Marc! I especially like the look of those fries!

  4. Great photos! And the loin looks so moist!

  5. Looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to give this a try soon. Thanks for sharing, Marc.

  6. perfectly cooked! I LOVE pork tenderloin and with those ingredients yours is spot on!