zondag 24 april 2011

The Perfect Bite #112

Last week a friend and I went for a workshop bbq from the KCBS team LOW&SLOW at "Het Twiske".
We learned a lot about the meat and the heat.The rub's and the brine.They also showed a lot of smokers...All I want now is the grilldome...;-)
We also learned something about the meat,how to recognize when it's "done".
For judging the chicken was "done" if you bite in the chicken and the mouth piece was an mark on the meat (half round).
Of course we tried it at home,with a good result;-)
Ok, back to our own backyard grilling. Jan-Willem bought us a nice big bag off very good charcoal what they used on the workshop.The Black Ranch charcoal!! Wow it is an awesome charcoal,It burns quick,long and very very hot!
We made a cedar wrapped chicken breast with lemon pesto.For the veggies I used Fresh spinach leaves and baked beans,with a touch of garlic and onion.
Direction for the pesto:1Cup basil leaves,1Cup fresh spinach leaves,1glove garlic,1/2 cup of roasted pine nuts,1Tbsp zest of lemon,2tbsp lemon juice,1Tbsp zest of orange,2Tbsp orange juice and olive oil from "Andalucia Original"
Put the ingredients in the blender,first the leaves,zest,juice,pine nuts and the oil.Set aside for a while.
Now soak the cedar wraps,for about 20 minutes.
Grill the chicken breast for about 2 minutes each side and place on the safe zone of the grill.Get your wraps out of the water,take the chicken breast of the grate and fold it in the wraps,with a Tbsp of lemon pesto,and close with the butcher's twine.
Place it on a direct hot grate until its done (about 10-15 minutes)
The veggies were done in the wok on the grill,first the onion and garlic,then the spinach and the beans.
Enjoy with a nice Chianti red wine.


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  1. Looks like fun!!!! Yes, the perfect bite for sure!!!

  2. Are those my teeth?? Nice blog again Marco!

  3. @Jeewee hehe indeed your teeth....

    @Design Wine and Dine. this was a small course...in your country it's much bigger!!

  4. Its all about the heat and the meat. Awesome bbq class.