zaterdag 4 december 2010

Snowburgers #78

It's friday night,got home early,because of the bad weather..snow,snow snow;-)
The second time of the year to do some WinterBBQ with real snow!! love it,the sound of the crispy snow under your feet,the heat of the fireplace,a good glass of wine.. what more do you need...Snowburgers of course..
Lets see,we got meat 500gr,1 onion (sliced/diced very small),2 cloves garlic crushed,1tsp tabasco,2 eggs, breadcrum and a Tbsp granulated brown sugar.Add if you want some salad and cheddar cheese on top!
Mix everything in a large bowl,and make 4 big hamburgers or 7 smaller ones.
Heat up the Weber for direct grilling.Put the snowburgers on the hot grate, and grill them for 5 minutes each side... it could take longer,because of the cold weather...
Have good glass of wine with it and enjoy..

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Great looking burgers Marc. Sounds pretty cold your way!

  2. @cowgirl, It's pretty cold out here... -11 and snowing..
    But THE burgers were great....

  3. Great pictures! You ought to publish your recipes!!! Do you deliver at home? (my home, to be sure)!

  4. I am drooling! Submit that picture to Serious Eats photograzing for sure!

    Keep warm! Cold here too!

  5. It may be snowing, but that burger is nicely tucked in under a blanket of cheese, yum!

    Make sure you enter my giveaway for the cast iron grate. They fit all sizes of Webers.

  6. I bet it is cold there! My best friend lives in Amersfoort and when we talked on Friday, she was complaining about that biting cold!

    Burgers do look good and juicy!