zaterdag 25 december 2010

Xmas eve and the day after...#81 Lambsrack

Almost Xmas,did al the shopping and try to make the best of it,with good food,presents and friends.The Xmas eve tradition is with a winter bbq,wine and some gifts.This time I had a great present for my wife....(an Ipad).she didn't know anything about it,and came as a fully surprise.This is so much fun too see her expression on her it;-)
Back to the grilling part now, we had a nice couple of ham's on the Weber.After I started the fireplace and the grill,it was time for some wine,and wait for the ham till they are ready... They were mouth watering after 2 hours..
The day after,we saw the little bunny's running in the bench,looking for food....It is so cute to see the little bunny's.They are 4 weeks old now,so we can pick them up..Maybe next year on the grill...(not those little fellas)..
This time we had a lambsrack..I marinated it with honey,fresh thyme,pepper,garlic,onion and oil.leave it for about 4 hours in the marinade.Heat up the grill for indirect grilling.put the racks on the direct side of the grill for 2 minutes,then shove it till the indirect side and leave it there till the inside temperature is 58 degrees.Let it rest for 10 minutes in alufoil and enjoy it with french fries and a salad.This was a salad with bacon,grana padano cheese,tomato,bread crum, cucumber and a wildberry dressing..
Merry Xmas.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Marc, looks like a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes to you and family. :)

  2. Wonderful pictures. Hope your Christmas was wonderful for you and family!

    Carmen of Baking is my Zen

  3. Nice rack!!!!!! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. Your Christmas Eve meal looks fabulous. I am even more impressed that it was done on your Weber in the freezing cold.

    ipad is a great gift! I have no doubt that your wife will enjoy it.

    The bunny is very cute.

    Happy Holidays!


    P.S. I am your new follower.

  5. Marco, zoals gewoonlijk great BBQíng! Lkkre plaatjes en idd mouthwatering!
    Leuk dat Ingrid zo verrast was net haar iPad! Looking forward to meet in 2011!!
    Geniet van oud-en nieuwjaar!