zaterdag 18 december 2010

Mini Bunny's and Frittata #80

For the first time we had 3 baby bunny's,the last couple died in the first week.But before you know it you've got a new couple of bunny's.
This time we didn't see it,so it came as a big surprise.When I clean the bunny house,there was a nice small nest with 3 bunny's.They were so cute..after a week we can see them with some hair on it, and now,almost 3 weeks later the eyes were open and really active.

Back to the grill.
We made a nice Frittata with a focaccia. It's so easy,all you need is 7 eggs,200gr shrimp,2fresh peppers,handful coriander,the juice of 1 lemon,a handful of cheddar cheese,pepper and salt to taste.
Mix the eggs in a large bowl,add the rest of the chopped ingredients,and put it in a casserole on the indirect grate of the Weber for about 30 minutes.In the meanwhile you can make a salad as a side dish.
Prepare the focaccia as described on the package...I don't have the time to made it myself..sorry;-)
Enjoy with a nice glass of red wine...

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Super Marco! Een simpele doch voedzame maaltijd zou Olie B. Bommel zeggen.
    Leuk dat je ook dat op je BBQ maakt. CU.

  2. How cute Marc!! The bunnies look so sweet! :)

    Great looking frittata too, I hope to give this a try on one of my smokers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Fortunately both our chinchillas are males so we don't have any surprises like your bunnies:)

    Great looking frittata!

  4. Drooling over this! Love that you used the grill!

  5. @cowgirl I'm sure it will work on the smokers too.

    @Chris I forgot to pick te male bunny out of the house, maybe in 4 weeks more bunny'S

    @Design Wine and Dine.. it's so easy to make and delicious too..Love the crab cakes too..gonna try for sure;-)

  6. tasty and wow those bunnies are so cute

    Merry Christmas