donderdag 29 december 2011

Chicken-Mango Kebabs #152

It's been awhile, but I'm back for the last time this year.
Missed a few "challenge" things,and a lot of time to grill,but first I have to take care off my wife.
We had a terrible time,but she's in a nursing home now.The MSA goes like a roller coaster and we're still in it.
Back to the kitchen,I made some awesome chicken/mango kebobs,with a nice sauce of lemon-orange.
Use 3 boneless chicken breasts and chop them in cubes of 1''.
Marinate the cubes in a mixture of 1tsp cumin,1tsp garlic powder,1tsp chili powder,1tsp oregano,1tsp sea salt and 3Tsp olive oil.
Set aside.
For the sauce you need 1cup fresh orange juice,2 Tsp lemon juice,2Tbsp honey and 1Tbsp fresh mint leave fine chopped
Simmer on medium heat until you've got a syrup.Let it cool down.
Prepare the grill for direct heat,and grill the kebobs for about 6-10 minutes turn once.
serve with baked potato's and a salad.
Sprinkle the sauce over the meat and enjoy with a nice red wine. Chianti Classico.

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  1. Marc, Sending my thoughts and prayers to you, your wife and family. I know it must be difficult for all of you.

    Your chicken kebabs looks wonderful...

  2. Marc, sending positive thoughts your way. I did not realize that your wife is ill. Best wishes to her.

    Beautiful kebab recipe.


  3. Food made with more herbs and spices that compliment each other are really delicious. This kebab recipe is really interesting.

  4. Thanks Patrick.. you've gotta try it;-)
    Thanks Velva.