dinsdag 29 november 2011

Porchetta #151

It's a simple recipe... all you need is a pork belly (I had one from 1,5Kg) fresh rosemary,fresh thyme,fennel (very small chopped) sea salt and pepper.
I stuffed everything in my Jamie Oliver Flavor shaker...
The paste that came out of the shaker was spread all over the belly,and wrapped up.
We had the belly on a indirect prepared weber for about 5 hours on 110ºC
I served it with home made bread from the DO and a fresh tomato soup.
For the soup you can use 1Kg Roma tomato's quartered, 200Ml broth,1 onion (chopped),1Tbsp white sugar,a handful basil and 250Ml cream.
Bring the broth to a boil,add the tomato's,salt and onion.
Heat it up at low temperature,until the tomato's are soft.blend it wit an kitchen aid until you've got a nice thick soup..
For the flavor you can add some canned tomato puree and the cream.

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  1. Beetje laat gereageerd, maar dit is idd niet al te moeiljk! kan mij voorstellen dat het resultaat Majoj Yummie is!
    Geen knoflookje in de soep....?