zondag 4 september 2011

Toast on fire #136

This was probably the last nice day of the summer,so we had to do some live fire cooking with the kids.They love to play with fire.
This is always a fun concept of making food.
In the evening it gets a bit chilly outside,so I put on the fireplace on our porch,now this is were we made our food tonight.
This is so easy and fun to do.Get a toast iron,make a sandwich with cheddar,ham and jalapeno's from a jar.
Heat up in the fire,but be careful,it's hot and goes very fast!
When done add your favorite sauce.(I had the Sweet Baby Ray's)
Enjoy with a nice Chianti and see the sun go down...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Marc,

    Let's hope it was not the last nice day of summer!
    Last weekend I used the last of my Sweet Baby Ray's Sauce, whaaa!!! I've got to get me some new bottle, because the sauce is the boss :-)
    Where do you buy these jalapeno peppers? I've been looking for those for a while, but the local supermarket doesn't have them.

  2. That's one nice looking sandwich! Love the shot of the sandwich thru the camera! Sounds like a really fun evening :)

  3. Wow I never thought of doing grilled cheese actually over a flame on the grill. I'm definitely going to change that though and give this a try. I looks delicious!