donderdag 7 juli 2011

White eggplant "Who's the boss" #133

Last weekend we were at the NKBBQ (Dutch championship).
The things I've seen there had inspired me for doing a lot of new things on the bbq.
One of the first things we see was the stand of the "BBQBabes" with an great eggplant slice..
On the other site of the event there was an stand with fresh white eggplant,and a lot of peppers.
We also bought some salt from "the man with the pan" and the" Sweet Baby Ray's" sauce.
Ok here's the plan,I've got a lot of eggplant ,pepper,potato and onion.Cut everything in pieces.
Put a skillet on high heat and bake the veggies and potato's.
Add the sauce to the veggies,and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
Make some skewers from chicken breast and grill direct.
We had a perfect dinner..Now who's the boss....the sauce or....

Enjoy with....

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You're totally the boss on this one. Great kebabs!

  2. And now you have inspired me!!! Love it! Happy weekend of grilling!!!!

  3. I am growing these exact eggplant in my garden. In the summer these eggplants are the gift that keeps on giving (smile).

    Sweet Baby Ray's is a great bbq sauce. We use it too.

    Happy summer to you!

  4. Thanks Parsley Sage
    Care's Kitchen your also inspire me..always;-)
    Velva,Wow that is great!! growing your own white eggplant..
    Love the Baby Ray sauce...

  5. Lekker pannetje! Dat werkt super he? Baby Rays IS the boss!

  6. Hey Marc, dat ziet er geweldig uit zeg!
    Je hebt toch niet alle pepers gebruikt hé, die je daar meegekregen hebt ;-)
    En die saus, tja... die is toch wel superlekker, ik gebruik het bijna overal bij.
    Ook lekker voor bij een tosti of zo!