zondag 3 juli 2011

Beer Sausage & Eggplant #131

Last Weekend we were on the NK BBQ (Dutch championship BBQ).
We had a very nice day,with beautiful weather and good friends JW and Marjolein from "Picture a recipe".
They bought us a nice bottle of Mississippi spicy sauce.and we picked up a bag of "BlackRanch charcoal".
With a car full of goods,it was time to go to the BBQ event and look, taste, and buy some things.
I bought a sweet baby Ray sauce and a special salt from "the man with the pan"
We also getting some eggplants from the "BBQbabes" and a bunch of Jalapeno's.
Inspired on the bbqbabes,grilled eggplant,and the sausage I've seen at JW's place,I decided to make beer sausage and grilled eggplant.
I'm telling ya it was soo good... Cooking with booze is always good.
Okay,back to the grill,heat up till high heat,place a skillet on top and saute an sweet onion.
In the meantime put the sausage on the grate for a minute or so,(just for the grillmarks) and put them with the onions in the skillet.
Get a bottle of beer of your choice (we had the Wieckse rose beer)open with your Dickies buckle..so glad I had a buckle with opener.;-)and do the beer in the skillet too.
Cook for about 20 minutes with the lid closed.
Grill the eggplants slices with some "man with the pan" salt and some olive oil.


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Looking good Marc!
    I'm also thinking about a good recipe match for the Sweet Baby Ray's together with the jalapenos.
    The NK BBQ Event was great and it was nice meeting you there.


  2. Thanks Freek,It was my pleasure..Maybe next year with our own team...BBQMagazine team?

  3. I`ll be waiting for more nice BBQ Ideas. Thanks

  4. Oooh! Great BBQ. Nothing more 'holiday' than beer sausage. Wow :)

  5. this is on my BBQ tonight ;-) Got my very first steel pan yesterday evening. Probably gonna use some dark beer for it.

  6. @Parsley Sage they were awesomeNothing more needed indeed;-)

    @Angelsanddevilsfood...gonna check your blog tonight;-)Great looking blog too...put it on my readers list;-)