zondag 5 juni 2011

Saltimbocca alla Romana #126

I've found 2 magazines in a foil, never opened about food in Italy.Now that's always a favorite of us.We've been a few times In Tuscane.
Today was very rainy,we got nothing to do,just relax and doing some cooking.
I saw a nice recipe,Saltimbocca alla Romana..But first we had a nice melon with Parma ham that has dry-cured for 24 months..It was awesome.
For the Saltimbocca you need 4 slices pork tenderloin thin! so you can roll them.Put on every slice a few slices Parma Ham, and some sage leaves,and roll them (not to tight).Prepare on the grill for about 15 minutes medium high 300┬║F (Indirect).
For desert we had an Panna cotta with mint. Cook 500Ml whipped cream with 1 tsp vanilla sugar,3Tbsp sugar. In the meantime get some gelatine in water,for about 5 minutes,and add to the cooked cream.Remove the mint leaves and put the mixture in a small glass or cup,and let cool down for 3 hours in a fridge.
After all we finished with an Espresso" Romano" its an espresso with an slice of lemon..so fresh..you've got to try it..


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  1. Ziet er weer helemaal lekker uit Marc! Wil zo met vakantie!

  2. Zit wel een sprinkhaan in je koffie....

  3. What a beautiful meal Marc! Looks like a 5 star restaurant!