woensdag 15 juni 2011

JackDaniel's smoked bread #128

O my....The skillet set has finally arrived.It is a 6 - 8 - and 10" skillet.
Everytime I use the metal drip pan's from Weber for my veggies or potato's (what is a shame)After use I throw them away..
Okay back to the grill,Preheat the Weber for indirect grilling,medium heat 300┬║F.
I found a package of abby flour in the kitchen and thought of making a bread with the smoke of Jack Daniels wood flakes..I'm telling ya..It smells so good.
The bread is ready after 45 minutes.
The JD flakes become better in bread then in a piece of meat..
It is a nice appetizer,put some garlic butter or tapanade (like we did) on top,and enjoy with a glass rose.
In the meantime you can make Pizza dough,(the grill is still hot enough),or put some charcoals on top.Make a pizza of your choice.
We had the pizza's with boiled ham,mushroom,pepper bell,mozarella,jalapeno's and a nice tomato sauce.
For the sauce you need 6 tomato's,2 gloves garlic,oregano,basil,salt and pepper..very basic but very nice..
Heat it up and blend it with an kitchen aid hand blender.
The thin pizza's are ready in 30 minutes..Enjoy!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat ziet dat er weer heerlijk uit! Wat een goed idee met die pannetjes. Ik krijg meteen trek :)

  2. Marc your bread and pizzas look beautiful! Congratulations on your new cast iron. :)

  3. @Cowgirl..Thanks,it works perfect...P.S. I saw a mention of your blog in a Dutch Magazine called "Delicious" Awesome!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me know Marc! I appreciate it. :)

  5. A must try! Making my husband get these chips! Brautiful!