zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Holliday France

We had a great holliday in France,Gorges du Verdon.
Great for canoeing, climbing,hiking and grilling.It was not allowed to make a camp fire,so we have to grill on an "electric" grill.
You can also do some nice things on it;-)
We made some things with "escalope de dinde" Anyone who says you can't make something nice on a "electric" grill.......
I stuffed the dinde with Roqueort cheese and wrapped it up,and grilled for about 10 minutes turning round and around..It was so delicious..

We've seen a lot of Aix en Provence,but the most beautiful store I've seen is the Laguiole store.
I bought a very nice sommeliers knife.

We also had a lot of fun in our rented rib with 200Hp..
Damn this boat goes fast.....
The kids had a lot of fun with an tyre behind the open sea between the big boats..

The Gorges du Verdon were absolutely fabulous.
We did some canoeing in the Gorges,very nice blue lake and river, a bit crowded but great to see.

Rainy day Hiking...we had it all on our holiday..This fire won't go out from a bit of rain..

The kids sneaked in the pool and get caught ..... you don't go in the pool when its raining...its not funny,the pool boy said;-)

As you see, we had a great time and a lot of fun, with some very good friends.


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  1. Thanks Jeanie. we had a great time..are you going on holiday soon?
    How's your arm?



  2. You're welcome Marc. I'm going to Colorado Friday, just for the weekend. Tomorrow I go to the doc for my arm... It's still mending. Thanks for asking. :)
    Hope you have a great week!