zaterdag 25 juni 2011

CocaCola Ribs #130

It was a bit of a rainy day,but I have to make those ribs...I had something in mind with CocaCola and can't wait for better weather or another day.
No I hear you say..CocaCola..for the ribs,Ow yeah CocaCola is great for sauce!
This is what you need for 2 Servings.
I had 2 ribs,that won't fit on one chopboard;-) Remove the membrane,clean up the ribs and dry the ribs.Make a dry rub with 2 cups brown sugar,1Tbsp sea salt,1Tbsp cumin,1Tbsp onion powder,1Tbsp Paprika powder and 1Tbsp pepper.Whisk everything,and rub the ribs,put the ribs in a zipper bag for about 6 hours.
In the meantime make the CocaCola sauce.You need 1can CocaCola,2cups ketchup,2cups brown sugar,1 cup apple cider vinegar,3 cloves garlic (crushed) 1 onion (fine chopped) 1Tbsp mustard and 1 Tbsp oil.
Saute the onion and garlic tender and add the rest of the ingredients and cook for an hour on low heat.Let it cool down.
Preheat the grill for 300┬║F inderect grilling.Smoke the slabs with "Jack Daniels wood chips" on the grate for about 2,5 hours.
After 2,5 hours mop the ribs with the CocaCola sauce every 15 minutes (1 hour total) Wrap in aluminum foil and let it rest for 15 minutes.
Enjoy with some salad,cucumber,and of course a nice cool rose..

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  1. Coca-Cola is a popular way to baste porks. We often use it to baste a ham too. Ribs look fabulous. Although the weather was rainy ribs are a perfect meal in the summer.


  2. Hi Velva, Iv'e never heard of it before;-) It's not the way we bbq in Europe.LoL
    They were so juicy!! awesome...


  3. Hey, Marc! The ribs look fantastic!! Velva is right, Coca-Cola is a pretty popular way to baste pork here in the USA, as well as root beer. I even have a few different recipes for different barbecue sauces and such that use Coke or root beer! I'll be posting my barbecued ribs recipe one of these days soon (was actually just thinking about them before checking out your blog just now)...

    What do you use to BBQ in Europe?

  4. Woo woo! Great looking ribs. I haven't cooked with coke before but I know its all over the place. Yours looks delicious :)

  5. Thanks Sandie....

    Parsley SageThanks...They were awesome..cook with Coca-cola is fun;-)

  6. I need to try this! Sounds really yummy. I had coca cola chicken once in Thailand and it was very good.

  7. Have a Coke and a Smile! Looks fabulous, Marco. Did you really grilled them for only 3 hours? Good meat probabilly?

  8. @Angelanddevisfood..they were AWESOME...Please let me know what you think of it;-)
    @Marjolein en JW True!! grilled the 3 hours indirect..!!

  9. I made them and they turned out very nice. I just still have some cola sauce left, but I assume, that you can keep it for some time in the fridge.
    My neighbour surprise me with a dip made out of Chipotle, bacon and sour cream. It goes perfect with those spare ribs. I now need to find out the recipe ;-)